Tom Diehl on Sat Oct 22 11:42:21 2005

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the revival begins

  • From: (Tom Diehl)
  • Subject: the revival begins
  • Date: Sat Oct 22 11:42:21 2005

On Sat, 22 Oct 2005 wrote:

> Recently theres been alot of talk on the Plug mlist about reviving BClug.
> This sounds like a great idea to me and I'd love to help out in anyway I
> can, only trouble is I'm only available on sundays and mondays. The site
> says tuesdays are meeting day but i'm thinkin' if it's as dormant as it
> currently seems, maybe we can change the meeting day. Either way, its good
> to know i'm not the only linux guy in th burbs.

I think the meetings can/should be mv'd to the night that fits most people's
schedules. At this point it is totally up in the air. It will be interesting
to see how many people actually sign up and of the people who do sign up how
many are actually willing to come to meetings, help out, etc.

I went and made some modifications to the site last night. Basically I archived
all of the old news and changed all of the places I found with references to
meetings, to say check back later. 

Until we see if there is real interest in bclug, I am hesitant to make major
changes to the website. Maybe that would be a good topic of discussion for the
first meeting. :-) OTOH, maybe it is fine the way it is. 

Having said that, the site is real simple and easy to modify, so if I screwed
something up or if there are glaring errors, please let me know.

Just another thought, what other LUG lists can we send an announcment to. I know
there is an LVLUG or something like that but are there others in the area?

We are going to have to find a way to let others know we are trying to make a

Can someone send announcments to them and let the list know what is done so
we do not send duplicate messages?


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