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Re: January Meeting Topic and Location

I offer my house.  I have a large enough family room and a finished basement 
and... coffee.

On Wednesday 14 December 2005 12:00, Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> I've been thinking about the upcoming Montgomeryville meeting topic and
> location. It's scheduled for Monday, January 16th.
> I was very pleased with how the first meeting went, but think it would be
> good to move us into having actual presentations now. I figure we can
> start small, a few people come in with a few short presentations.
> My idea for a topic of these presentations is:
> "Programs and Tricks in Linux that Changed My Life"
> OK, it's a bit tongue in cheek ;) But the idea is that there are tools you
> use that when you discovered them made a significant change in how you
> computed. A favorite window manager? A mail client? A newsreader? A chat
> program? A clever blending of tools? Just throw together some notes
> (possibly screenshots or demo on a laptop?) and be prepared to share your
> discovery with us.
> I'm going to present on using screen + irssi ( + Bitlbee
> (
> As for location, we don't have one. Anyone have any ideas or offers? It
> would be helpful to have access to a projector, but just a table with a
> computer that we could huddle around might work too ;)
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