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Re: January 15th Meeting Announcement

I've decided to make homemade Chili (spicy) and cornbread for the meeting, but feel
free to bring beverages or snacks.

There is a new parking lot on Pepper Dr., facing towards the main street ( not in front of
townhouses ) that you can use as well as parking on the side of Pepper. Dr.


Elizabeth Bevilacqua wrote:
Meeting details:

 Date: January 15th, 2007

 Time: 7PM

 Topic: Women in F/OSS

  Plus: General Linux discussion, free Linux Books!

 Location: Home of Lee Marzke, 119 Pepper Dr., Collegeville, PA
 Google Map: http://tinyurl.com/msxpn
       (very easy to get to from 422, Phoenixville/Collegeville exit)

 Food: I'll be ordering pizza, I ask that you bring $5 to pitch in to
cover costs. Please let me know of special dietary needs beforehand and
I can order other things as well. Feel free to bring soda and snacks.

 Parking: Please park along Pepper Dr. Don't park on the Perk Blvd loop
or in the marked spaces in front of other units. Lee owns a White Grand
Cherokee which should be parked near his townhouse.

Bring laptops if you like, Wifi and plug in networking should be
available (bring own network cable).

- Lyz

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