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Intermediate Perl - A local training opportunity

Hello BCLUG,

I have been putting together an Intermediate Perl training course for
my colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania.  I recently had a few
folks need to withdraw their enrollment, so I have a few spaces available
to fill for our courses.  (Please pardon the late notice.)

We're opening this up to all interested programmers, and I thought there
may likely be some folks in BCLUG who are interested.

Of course, if you have a colleague or friend that you think would benefit 
from this, feel free to pass it on, too.  The details are below.

Best regards,
-Randall Sindlinger
 Systems Programmer
 CETS, School of Engineering
 University of Pennsylvania

--- WHO ---
This is targeted at individuals who already have a fundamental level of Perl 

The hands-on course will be taught by Stonehenge Consulting Services; the 
instructor will be Brian D. Foy, co-author of Intermediate Perl and other 

Please reply as soon as possible to rsindlin+bclug@seas.upenn.edu to hold a spot
(And no later than March 20).

--- WHAT ---
The training will include 
* 4-day course     Intermediate Perl: Packages, References, Objects, and Modules 
* 1-day course     Advanced Topics: Sockets, Perl::CGI, and Perl::DBI
* 1/2 day evening  Code Review: Maintainability and Security Issues in Perl

Additional ammenities will include
* Perl books relevant to the courses
* Coffee and donuts/pastries each morning
* Dinner for the Thursday evening session

--- WHERE ---
University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering (3300 block of Walnut Street
in Philadelphia, PA), a 10-minute walk from 30th Street Station.

--- WHEN ---
Training will be held the week of March 24th - March 28, from 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM.
The evening session is on Thu, March 27th from 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

--- HOW MUCH ---

The cost is $1923 for everything - 3 courses, books and materials, and food.

If you're interested in just part of it...
  For just the 4-day Intermediate Perl course (M-Th) the cost is $1554.
  The 1-day Advanced Topics: Sockets, Perl::CGI, and Perl::DBI to be held
    on Friday, March 28 is $385.
  The 1/2 day Code Review presentation with dinner is $225.  

These costs are strictly for recovering our expenses, no profit is being made
by CETS, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or the University of

--- RSVP --- 
If you want to reserve a seat, please reply to Randall Sindlinger 
(rsindlin+bclug@seas.upenn.edu ) to hold a space as soon as possible, and no 
later than THURSDAY MARCH 20th. 

--- MORE INFO ---
If you have any questions, please email me (rsindlin+bclug@seas.upenn.edu).

About Intermediate Perl (aka Alpaca course, from the website)

  Intermediate Perl parallels the O'Reilly book by the same name.  This 
  course will include the optional lab component, so you will need to bring
  a computer.

  "It's suitable for students who have completed the Learning Perl 
  (Llama) course, or who otherwise have a good background in the basics 
  of Perl. Using the appropriate data structure can greatly simplify 
  development and maintenance of programs. This course covers advanced 
  data structures in Perl. Large programs... require special programming 
  techniques. The Alpaca course will show you how to keep your Perl 
  program running smoothly even when it must grow past the 
  100-lines-of-code barrier."

  The syllabus is at http://www.stonehenge.com/tocs/alpaca_toc.pdf

About the Sockets, CGI, and DBI, course

  The syllabus is available at
  (The XS section is outdated and is expected be excluded)

About the Code Review course

  "This half-day course covers what programmers and quality control managers 
  should look for while examining Perl code for bugs, such as maintainability 
  and security issues."

Training session organizer
Randall Sindlinger
Systems Programmer, CETS

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