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Re: Pending meeting

Hi Dave, I can't say for others, but for myself I personally found it easier
just to keep hitting 'reply' rather than actually go to the website.  My
mistake though.

For me Tuesday nights would be best, since I have a class on Monday and
Wednesday.  I agree with the questions you mentioned.  We need to get some
confirmation on these.

As for location, I life in Doylestown to naturally that would be the best
for me.  However, a more central location as you put it would be better.
Warrington or Newtown would work well.

I'm currently a student but I'm graduating in December.  I'm a CBIS major,
looking to be somewhere in the field of computers as a Network or System
Administrator in a blended environment of Windows and Linux systems.  I've
been experimenting with Linux for the past 2 years now.  My most recent
projects have included an LDAP server (for the computers in my house),
Apache web server for hosting, and a PVR using Mythbuntu.  From a community
of Linux users, I'd love to know more about Linux in the business world
(since I've had very little experience outside of my own administration of a
custom LDAP development environment at work) and it's use as a powerful
alternative to Windows (which I'm certianly not partial to).  From the
community it would be nice to see some of these projects come to fruition,
but that's just my two cents.

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 10:17 PM, Doug Crompton <doug@crompton.com> wrote:

> I decided to change the topic since everyone on here seems to just hit
> reply and string along a bunch of past messages!  Reminds me of novice AOL
> users rather than seasoned Linux folks.
> We seem to typing back and forth quick few word messages and never really
> accomplishing anything towards a meeting or organization.
> So lets answer a few simple questions....
> 1. What night(s) are good for you?
> 2. Would/is this church that was mentioned be OK for a meeting? Where is
> this church and is there definitely WIFI there?
> 3. What would you like to accomplish at meetings? Program? Social? Snacks?
> etc.
> I will be the first to answer....
> 1. Mondays would be best for me followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. I would
> try to accomodate any day.
> 2. I can go anywhere but a central place to our group region would be
> best. I am not sure where that is but I would guess it was Richboro, or
> Newtown? I am assuming there is not much way up county and most are
> between Doylestown, New Hope, Bristol, Southampton, Warrington circle.
> 3. For me it would be mostly social, meeting other Linux users and
> hobbyists. I am an amateur radio operator and have home automation
> interests, run everything computer, email - sendmail, web server - apache,
> phone - asterisk, etc. here. I would enjoy any interesting presentation.
> Doug
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