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BerkeleyLUG meetup this Sunday 2016-07-10 + light news

Hi everyone,

A timely reminder here that the first BerkeleyLUG meetup of the
month is this Sunday, July 10th, 2016, from 12Noon to 3:00pm PDT
at Bobby G's Pizzeria www.bobbygspizzeria.com/
The BerkeleyLUG meetup notice of the same is also at
See you all there!

Light news.
While a few of the good folks more deeply involved in our local Ubuntu
ecosystem who sometimes post here might of course be ready to remind
us of upcoming Ubuntu-specific happenings & opportunities (e.g., see at
least here[1] and here[2]), I still think it is worthwhile mentioning in passing
that one of the original and surviving Linux distributions located much
further-out in our very own East Bay came out with a new major release
of their distro just exactly one week ago today.
That would be the Slackware Linux release of version 14.2 [3] -- a distro
created "organically" from the ground up way back in the early-1990s[4]
intended IMHO for much more intermediate to advanced Linux users[5],
as developed and maintained by Patrick Volkerding[6] in Contra Costa
County's far-eastern town of Brentwood[7][8]...."Far Out Man!"
(NB: perhaps others can see this, but I can't see *any* connection
between Slackware Linux and the currently-popular but closed-source
team-messaging application Slack[9].)

I find an interesting and somewhat releveant fact about Slackware Linux
is that although Debian and Ubuntu have plans to discontinue installation
capability and spport for 586-class and hybrid 586/686 processor PCs
(i.e., low-end Pentium PCs) in upcoming major releases within the next
several years(see [10] and [11]), I just don't see where and when Slackware
Linux has any similar plans to do the same[12]..... and that news could be
a very good thing :-)

Go Open Source Software Bears!

[1]GoogleGroup post of June 20, 2016 'BALUG: Meetings: 2016-06-21: Tomorrow Tu; 2016-07-19: Elizabeth K.
Joseph on: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "Xenial Xerus"; & other BALUG News',  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/berkeleylug/RXPLZhGeeRE
[2]GoogleGroup post of January 6, 2016 'SCALE14x and UbuCon Summit in Pasadena', https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/berkeleylug/gvd4VOqdys4


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