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ifconfig --> ip, netstat --> ss, ...

So, some semi-random bits from today's BerkeleyLUG meeting.

I believe I (over)heard mention of ifconfig.
For most or all current Linux distributions, ifconfig, and likewise
netstat are quite deprecated at this point.  One would do well to become
familiar with the ip and ss commands.  Many distributions no longer
install ifconfig nor netstat by default.  Some may possibly not even
have packages with those commands.

And yes, fair bit of learning curve on the transition, but much of it
very well worth it.  And I'd argue most especially so for ss.  E.g. with
ss, one can give arguments to filter - at the kernel level.  This is
much more efficient (and less error prone) compared to taking output of
netstat and post-processing that to interpret and filter it.  A
semi-random example of ss usage:
Do I have anything TCP listening to ports 25 and/or 587?:
$ ss -nlt '( sport = :25 or sport = :587 )'
State Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address:Port Peer Address:Port
LISTEN     0      20                             *:*
LISTEN     0      20                      ::1:25                      :::*
The ip command also replaces some other older networking commands.

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