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Re: Some of what I will be bringing to PiJam

On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 12:11:44 PM UTC-8, trl wrote:
3 rpi 3, Rpi B, A, A+, zero w  
4 camera 
3 touchscreen, 1 non touch
Google voice kit

Projects kit with RFID, motors, number displays.

Also I'll bring as many keyboard and mice as I can find.  


Thanks for that update.
My own update is that I can bring over two of my RPi3's which are nicely encased in identifiable bright yellow, along with a pair of appropriate USB power supplies and a few microSD cards.
In addition, I can bring along a powered USB hub and pair of my own USB keyboards and mice.
Have one fairly small 15" LCD VGA monitor to bring along, along with one VGA-to-HDMI converter cable to connect this monitor to one RPi3.
Will probably have to leave 85C Bakery at 3pm or fairly soon thereafter.

Am wondering how many others are planning to come by as well, with their PiJam equipment??  Practical difference here is having some idea whether or not there will be enough tablespace and electrical outlets for all of the Pi and non-Pi equipment that attendees are bringing along.  


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