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Anyone interested in ITX computer?

Am planning to be at this Sunday's BerkeleyLUG meetup, and am bringing along to give away for free an ITX computer if anyone is interested.

It's a VIA ARTiGO A1000 ITX mini-"PC" and VIA's webpage for this EOL'd computer is https://www.viatech.com/en/support/eol/artigo-a1000-eol/

A few other Artigo A1000-related links are

- www.computershopper.com/components/reviews/via-artigo-pico-itx-pc-builder-kit

- https://techcrunch.com/2008/11/04/via-artigo-pico-itx-builder-kit-a1000/

- www.geek.com/chips/weekend-project-via-artigo-pico-itx-kit-with-ubuntu-582171/

The Artigo A1000 has 1000MB RAM and was working fine with Debian Linux or another Debian variant installed onto one of the 3.5" 40-pin PATA laptop drives inside.

It has 4 USB ports, a VGA port for monitor connection, and a 10/100 Fast Ethernet port for standard wired networking.

FWIW, I used three of the 4 USB ports on this for a keyboard, a mouse, and a WiFi adapter.

Am including all peripheral cables that came with the ITX computer, three hd's (40GB, 40GB, 60GB), the power supply, and a standard VGA monitor cable (not the monitor itself!).

Have too many other computers both desktop, laptop, and RPi, so it makes sense to give this away if anyone is interested in it.

If interested, just show up at Sunday's meetup and LMK.


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