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BerkeleyLUG ...

Sunday ... got a bit too busy/distracted to manage to hit actually
send this, had drafted:

BerkeleyLUG 8 of us here thus far, have AC power, Wi-Fi & Internet*
*at least IPv4 - IPv6 doesn't seem to be working today from the Wi-Fi.

Anyway, we probably had like 11 people total show up, though not necessarily
all simultaneously.

Wi-Fi was mostly good - at least on IPv4, though IPv6 wasn't functioning.
It did wink out at one point ... but for not all that long (I'm guessing
perhaps someone complained and they reset their Wi-Fi device).

Mostly quite good interesting meeting, good folks, etc.

Also, I'll mention ... table time, ... 85C Bakery Cafe has implemented a
table time limit of 2 hours ... but since our meeting is 3 hours, they've
(at least thus far) agreed to allow us to stay for 3 hours, so ... 3
hours good, ... but probably don't want to particularly push that or go
(too much) beyond that.  They'd mentioned they'd had issues with some
group(s) monopolizing table space / seating for many many hours - well beyond
2 (and 3) hours, hence they adopted the 2 hour policy (may be somewhat
selectively enforced, but we want to stay within their good graces, so,
we should limit ourselves to 3 hours (or at least approximately so)).

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