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BerkeleyLUG this Su 2019-01-27 ... Debian 9.7, earlier meeting(s), future, ...

Yes, BerkeleyLUG - meeting again this Su 2019-01-27
... and I actually got the meeting page updated ...
looks like I failed to hit [Publish] on the earlier draft I'd
done earlier this year (or quite late last year) ... oops,
anyway, corrected that.

And Debian 9.7 is out (relatively minor point release update):
I expect I'll have ISOs by the Su BerkeleyLUG meeting,
maybe even some burned to optical - or could do so by request.

At our prior meeting 2019-01-13 we had a fair sized turnout,
I forget what the total was, but I'm thinking it was somewhere in the
6 to 8 range.  And the venue's Wi-Fi was even working and working
reliably ... at least for IPv4, anyway (no IPv6).

Maybe we'll also talk some more about the future of
BerkeleyLUG (& BerkeleyLUG.com) ... there's already been some
earlier (mostly off-list) discussion.
There's also a wee bit 'o tracking (perhaps for lack of better place) here:
(some of the more/most recent updates may not yet be reflected on the above)

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