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BerkeleyLUG, domains transferred, ... .org?

The BerkeleyLUG domains have been transferred.

A big thanks to Jack Deslippe for not only getting BerkeleyLUG
going, but for much support over the years, and also easing smooth
transition of passing of the reins.

Domain*s*?!?!  Yes, canonical domain is
Did you even know we have
also?  Yeah, was surprise to me too.
Anyway, I think we retain BerkeleLUG.com as the canonical (has been
for very long time - probably since the beginning or thereabouts).
But what of BerkeleyLUG.org?  It expires 2019-05-17T04:39:28Z
if we don't otherwise act.  Should we just gracefully retire it?
At present it 302 redirects from http://[www.]berkeleylug.org/ to
At present I'm about to change that to 301 ("permanent" - also better for
"link juice"), and will also likewise add support for redirection from
Anything else we should do short-term with berkeleylug.org?
We can discuss longer-term at meeting (this Su) and/or on-list.

No "radical" changes planned.  Smooth transitions are good.  :-)

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