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Next meeting 04.10.2019

Daylight savings, right.  

Last meeting Tex was working with someone (sorry I forgot your name) to connect Bluetooth speakers. I wonder if you guys were close. Anyways I had a similar issue with a Bluetooth connection to a multimeter. I will try to hunt that up and bring it. I recall that it connected fine to an Android app but with a desktop asked for a pin code even though there is none. 

Also I have a USB touchscreen monitor I want to see if can work well in Linux. I downloaded drivers from DisplayLink and it works. But it would be nice if it would automatically enable the display when plugged. Xorg.conf?  Udev rule?  Xrandr script?  Also the touchscreen in Ubuntu is on the primary monitor and I would like it on the USB panel instead. 
The hardware is a little tricky. It has a single plug but shows 3 devices (DisplayLink, touchscreen, flash drive). So it must have a USB hub internally. The tricky part is in Linux when connected to USB 3 port I only see the flash drive but with USB 2 can see all three. 

Last item. I got a laptop with windows I want to dual boot. It's got a 500GB spinner and a small 24GB msata SSD "cache" drive. My plan is to disable the cache in windows and the BIOS and install Linux to the SSD. 

See you there, Thomas

P.S. week after is raspberry pi Meetup (St Patrick's day)

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