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3 of us here so far, ... crimpers (telephone handset, line cord, & Ethernet)

3 of us here so far.
The venue's Wi-Fi is ... not working presently, but
we've got AC power, and at least one person here has a Wi-Fi
hot spot set up for us (over cellular) ... so ... faster than
the venue's Wi-Fi would be anyway, oh, and yes, with working
Internet and not only IPv4 but also IPv6.

Also, I've got some of my crimping tools (you
supply the connectors/cables) here too.

So, if you might want to repair ...
I've brought my crimping tools to cover modular connectors:
4P4C (telephone handset cords)
6P6C/RJ11/RJ14/RJ25 (telephone line cords)
8P8C (Ethernet over twisted pair)

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