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Raspberry Pi this Sunday the 17th

Reminder: We will be having a Raspberry Pi Meetup this Sunday (St Patrick's day)  at 85c Cafe from noon to 3. 

Celebrating 7 years of the Raspberry Pi computer!  The official Raspberry Pi Jam was a couple weeks ago, so we are a bit late.   Also Saturday is Arduino Day.  So this event is for any of those types of boards.  Pi and clones and Arduino and clones, hardware and software.  

This is a free form event. No planned talks or presentations. And not sponsored by 85c. As this is a public space, we should be respectful to other patrons and to the venue. And welcoming to anyone who happens by and is curious. 

Come by with your project or idea for a project.   Or if you haven't seen a Raspberry Pi before or haven't had the chance to play with one.  Meeting is only 3 hours long and so maybe you won't finish, but you can make a start.  Last time I tried to make the Pi into a bluetooth speaker and failed at that time but later got it and found how to get the playing track.  

Sample projects:  Info display/digital signage, media box/kodi, retro gaming/ retropi, network ad blocker/pihole, nas, surveillance server/motioneyeos, weather station, sensor monitor, etc.  

So I will bring some extra Pi's, a couple sets of keyboard and mouse, some small monitors, couple arduino's, breadboards, jumpers, etc.  Also some pre-flashed microSD cards.  
If you are bringing your own and don't want to carry a monitor, consider enabling ssh on the sdcard.  (Mount the sdcard on your computer then touch /sdcard mountpoint/boot/ssh)  

If you want to try something and need hardware, let me know.  I might have it.  

Thanks, Thomas

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