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Re: And ... back to 85C Bakery Cafe: Re: BerkeleyLUG meetup this Sunday 2019-04-14, now at Algorithm Coffee!

On Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 8:38:07 PM UTC-7, Michael Paoli wrote:
And, alas, for reasons - back to 85C Bakery Cafe - at least for now.
More bits on the website - and relevant updates are there:

Yes, I myself agree that makes the most sense; for the near-term future until a much better location can be found. This way, meetup-participant Kim and some others who would need a bit more comfortable space (myself included ;-} ) can continue to attend BerkeleyLUG meetups, at 85C Bakery.
OTOH, it must be mentioned -- and I'm mentioning them as another reminder :-) -- several of the continued and qualified drawbacks to having meetups 85C Bakery...
1. The terrible bathroom situation at 85C (one restroom-only, no TP, sometimes dirty, ...etc)
...sure, meetup particpants can bring and have brought their own TP supplies 
2. The lack of decent WiFi coverage (and occasional NO WiFi provision)
...but one or more meetup particpants have very graciously offered WiFi-access through their own smartphone service(s)
3. Visibly decreasing bakery offerings at 85C over the last year or so
...but 85C still has the same or similar beverage offerings for grateful meetup participants who for the most part don't have too much difficulty paying the "table tax/fee" for patronizing 85C's business


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