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Possibilities for new BerkeleyLUG meetup place?

Hey all,
During today's meetup, a few of you threw out possibilities of where we might meet in the future, besides at the default 85C Bakery.
I did a bit of initial follow-thru and came up with both some conclusive and inconclusive results, as per the below.

1. Lanesplitter Pizza at 2033 San Pablo Ave b/t University Ave & Addison St, West Berkeley
+'s: expansive seating, WiFi, available Sunday PM hours
-'s: possibly high noise volume, location further away from centralized Downtown Berkeley
Based on the input of at least one active BerkeleyLUG participant, my own conclusion is that this location would probably not work out.

2. Red Tomato Pizza House at 2017 University Ave b/t Milvia St & Shattuck Ave, Downtown Berkeley
+'s: location near the heart of Downtown Berkeley, sufficient space and (presumably) WiFi and outlets
-'s: closed on Sundays
Since this location is closed on Sundays, my own conclusion is that this location would not work out.

3. The Berkeley Public Library's 3rd floor Community Meeting Room at the Central Library at 2090 Kittredge Street
Meeting Rooms info https://www.berkeleypubliclibrary.org/library/meeting-rooms
Meeting Room Use Policy (Rules And Regulations For Use Of Library Grounds, Buildings, And Equipment For Meetings And Other Events) PDF
+'s: location in the heart of Downtown Berkeley, very good WiFi, plenty of power outlets, can support a large number of meetup participants with their equipment, good overlapping hours for Sunday meetups (community room available to 5pm), very good restroom facilities
-'s: stricter eligibility rules and requirements for use of community facilities than for most (or all) other businesses considered here, can only RSVP for one meetup a month, non-guaranteed access to community room based upon other groups possibly RSVP'ing for overlapping timeslots, other minuses
My own tentative guess is that this probably would not work out, although this is inconclusive based upon viewing just the above pair of BerkeleyPL links.

4. Cafe Blue Door at 2244 Bancroft Way b/t Ellsworth St & Fulton St
+'s: located less than a dozen short blocks Southeast of 85C Bakery quite near Downtown Berkeley and immediately across from the Southwest corner of the Cal campus, has WiFi, open all afternoon on Sundays
-'s: unknowns such as sufficient seating and table capacity(?), power outlets(?), decent restroom facilities(?)
Inconclusive results, pending those of us interested in this possible venue paying in-person visits to Cafe Blue Door to check it out.

5. ??

Please feel free to chime in and offer your own thoughts on the above and/or on other ideas any of you may have of alternative meetup possibilities.


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