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     ORCA (Oakland Radio Communications Association)’s Field Day site was at the Horseman Association Arena Off Skyline across from the Chabot Space and Science Center entrance.  I was up there a good bit of Saturday.  The Alameda Club was on a boat.  Not sure where the NALCO (Northern Alameda County site was.  There were about 30 registered sites in the Bay Area and about 1,500 nationwide.  

-- Chris Peeples --

On Saturday, June 22, 2019, 11:11:38 AM UTC, berkeleylug@googlegroups.com <berkeleylug@googlegroups.com> wrote:

tom r lopes <tomrlopes@gmail.com>: Jun 21 01:07PM -0700

Yes, Pi July is on the 7th.
Also note, this weekend is ham radio Field Day. All across the US and
Canada hams set up mobile stations for a disaster preparation exercise.
The Saturday before the last BerkeleyLUG I went to the electronics flea
market which is put on by the ham radio groups. There I talked to some of
the Palo Alto group. PAARA. They are setting up in a park on the peninsula.
Check paara.org Field day for details.
I am especially interested in satellite communications. It is supposed to
be very easy to download the pictures from NOAA satellites. All with very
cheap devices (RTL-SDR).
Anyways at that flea market I picked up some Thinkpads it off a junk pile.
They all work amazingly. One a cracked screen another a bad keyboard.
So my project this meeting will be install Linux on the Thinkpad w520 and
on an Asus transformer Bay trail tablet.
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