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BerkeleyLUG Pi meetup this 1st Sunday, 2019-07-07

Hey everyone,

An early announcement here that BerkeleyLUG's
monthly Pi meetup is happening this first
Sunday, July 7th, from 12Noon to 3pm PDT at
Berkeley's Cafe Blue Door.
Cafe Blue Door's Yelp page is www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-blue-door-berkeley
and its Facebook page is www.facebook.com/BerkeleyFloorCafe/

Cafe Blue Door is located at 2244 Bancroft Way;
across the street from Cal's Edwards Stadium near
the extreme Southwestern corner of the campus.
When you enter the front door of the cafe, look
around for a small gathering of other recognizable
persons with Raspberry Pi's, Arduino's and other
various electronic hookups indicating the presence
of the group.
Those of you dropping by this Sunday for the meetup
are also welcome to bring along extra surge-protected
power strips and long, grounded extension cords
for powering the RPi's and any other electronics
devices you're bringing along with you, duly taking
into account the cafe's power-outlet constraints.
Have a great Fourth of July!

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