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BerkeleyLUG site/WordPress migration

So, ... not quite done yet 8-O ... I was theoretically to be
done/completed by 2019-08-27T09:53:17Z[1]
But getting fairly close :-)
In "worst case" scenario, I could always migrate/"promote"
what I've got so far.
One may "preview" it here (not the permanent URL, and that (sub-)domain
will get removed in the relatively near future):
Some of the more notably various remaining issues:
The import causes everything to be attributed to (authored by) one user,
... well, at least pages, looks like comments may have their proper
original attributions.  Theoretically on import, one should be able
to (re)map users from import to users on site being imported too,
but I don't seem to have gotten that to work or work fully.
Comments aren't displaying who posted the comment.
Missing the tux logo being displayed on page headers.
I need to properly configure email sends (it semi-works
at present, but may very legitimately get rejected by mail
servers that are persnickety about spam and proper sending best

0. https://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-admin/2019-August/000998.html
1. https://www.wiki.balug.org/wiki/doku.php?id=berkeleylug:digital_resources
"per earlier communcations, intending to migrate of the WordPress.com
hosted by 2019-08-27T09:53:17Z (that would be 6 months after
Michael Paoli was notified of having been granted admin access for the
BerkeleyLUG site on its WordPress.com hosting)."

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