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Re: IPv4-only network and your Linux host operates a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack ... Re: BerkeleyLUG, have AC power, Wi-Fi & Internet ...

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu):

> Disabling IPv6 effectively hides all those issues, rather than leaving
> them where they can at least be checked on, and work-arounds dropped
> as things get fixed.

For now, I'm more than OK with that, if/where it hassles me.  Client issues 
I can easily make go away are ones I don't have to diagnose and fix.  
Given that, in such cases I really don't care about ultimate root cause.

> And, more specifically on client?  One can do things like use a -4 (or -6)
> flag in many cases, or adjust relevant configuration file(s) to favor

> One can also drop the non-local routable IPv6 IPs - at least in more
> severe cases - or drop certain routes.

Yeah, that'd be a good way to go.

I tend to look up details when I need the information.

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