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I didn't think I'd be around ... also free TV

So actually I'll be at Blue Door tomorrow 11am to 2pm.  

Not sure what I'll be doing Pi related.  

Have a thought to try to make some lcd screens work with a 
generic lvds to hdmi controller board.  Nobody wanted those Eeepc 
laptops so I just took all the parts out.  So I have 3 - 10in lcds.  What 
to do?  I already took one of the webcams and soldered to a USB 
cable.  Now I got a really small USB cam.   

Give-away is a Samsung T240HD  
Specs and pics here https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Touch-T240HD-24-Inch-Monitor/dp/B001AYGDCE  It is very thick compared to a modern TV.  But it's free.  

Quirks:  no physical on/off button -- there is a capacitive switch on the front and 
I have a remote (somewhere -- I'll look around for it) 
No vesa mount holes on the back -- I have some where a wall mount bracket 
but that is only tilt up down.  

If interested let me know and I'll bring it this time or next week.  


P.S. Next Pi Day in December I want to work on a wireless weather station https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/build-your-own-weather-station  
Would like to get it running by 2020.  

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