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offered: S/N PBPAC88 Lenovo MT-M 1578 - L7U (i3-2130, 4 GiB, 500G HDD)

offered: S/N PBPAC88 Lenovo MT-M 1578 - L7U (i3-2130, 4 GiB, 500G HDD)
details can be found here:

Don't think I've quite "finalized" my plans/criteria for giving it away,
but at least so far game plan goes about like this:
o hoping to find it a new home within <~= 31 days
o make your case for why you want it - emailing me (and including the
  S/N: PBPAC88 in Subject: headers), or maybe tell me at a [L]UG meeting
  when I'm there (e.g.: https://berkeleylug.com/meetings/)
o not "first come, first served" - not a race - though offer doesn't
  last forever
o I may demo it a bit at some upcoming [L]UG meeting(s), e.g. likely:
  2021-03-07 https://www.sf-lug.org/
  2021-03-13 http://linuxmafia.com/cabal/ (--> virtual, and not 'till 11:59p)
  2021-03-14 https://berkeleylug.com/meetings/
  2021-03-16 https://www.balug.org/#Meetings-upcoming
o I'm thinking submissions cut-off (at least first round) end of
  2021-03-19 US/Pacific, I make decision on what's been received by then,
  and shortly thereafter (e.g. on 2021-03-20 US/Pacific), I announce who
  gets it (and their pitch/proposal), and maybe some runner(s) up.
o You need to pick it up in Berkeley (94703), or I need to be able to drop
  it off sufficiently close as to be reasonably convenient to me.  And it
  needs happen in a reasonably timely manner (days to a week or so is fine,
  30+ days is not - would rollover to runner(s) up on list).

Miscellaneous comments: Seems to be a relatively decent machine for its
vintage.  Seems to mostly run quite quiet, though fan(s) loud when very
first powered up (probably does max for a few seconds to test 'em) - that
might be different if one heavily pushes CPU/GPU.
Some of the BIOS power settings are quite nice, e.g. when power is
applied, it can be set to remain off, power on, or return to whatever
state it was in when power was removed (the latter being the default).
And yes, it can be handily powered up remotely via Wake-on-Lan.  Seems to
mostly be in quite good shape physically - bit of dust, but not
really much for its age.  Low "mileage" (powered on hours) on the hard
drive - perhaps likewise the rest of it too?  I think it only does legacy
boot, no [U]EFI settings in BIOS (and installing configured for [U]EFI
appears to miserably fail).  I'll likely fully wipe the hard drive (in
stages) ... didn't do that before install.  Haven't extensively tested
the hardware, but thus far seeing zero problems on it.  Seems likely it
got used for a while (weeks or so) once-upon-a-time ... and then just
sat for a very long time after that.

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