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Pi - camera - site

  In this webinar, there's  raspberry Pi powered  time-lapse cameras across a watershed / prairies.  One of the time lapse  segments shows a camera tech working on the device. At about 9, 13" to ,30" into the video there's an OK view of the hardware,  try zooming in.   He doesn't say what was done for the set up of the solar power for each unit, like what batteries.  Some of the animal shots were  motion generated, by the camera unit?   
   Good lapse sequences at 7"  and about 25" - 27".

At https://grassland.unl.edu/grassland-systems/fall-seminars-leu-lectures,      go to past seminars  click on 2020, and then first listing.

Aug. 24, 2020 — A Watershed in Motion, Ethan Freese | Video | Podcast

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