Ron Lusk on 17 Dec 2005 15:03:20 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Time formatting

Oh for goodness' sake, it's not like you're locked into the C Standard Library!  :-)

class Time
  alias_method :orig_strftime,:strftime
  # Ditz with strftime to accept '&m' and '&d' as format codes for
  # month and day without padding out to two characters. (Does not
  # at the moment handle embedded '&m' that should be there.)
  def strftime(x)
    result = orig_strftime(x)
    result.gsub!(/&m/) {"%d" % self.month}
    result.gsub!(/&d/) {"%d" %}

t = Time.local(2005,3,4,18,2,17)
t.strftime('&m/&d/%Y')  => "3/4/2005"

Ron Lusk
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