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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Action Mailer

On 2/5/06 11:03 AM, "Jason Lenhart" <jplenhart@yahoo.com> wrote:

> My question is
> that I am putting this up on a RoR hosting site - it
> seems that I just put my files in a Rails directory.
> To get the configuration to point to production ..
> they should be setting this up on there end right ...
> I believe it is an Apache env variable that will do
> it.  If I run into problems, I suppose the easiest
> thing to do is to place production settings into all
> the config environments.

What company is doing the hosting? I don't have any experience from third
parties, but I images some other might.

As far as setting the environment to production, yes that can be set Apache
(if Apache is managing the FCGI processes). I'd look at any docs your host
provides, as there is no one config of Rails people are using -- lots of
people doing slight variations.

And yes, if you really have problems the easiest way to is to set production
in the environment.rb file.

A few tips:

Make sure the shebang line in your dispatch file points to your real install
of Ruby. For me one time it was pointing to the default install. The symptom
was that Apache would launch the fcgi processes properly, but then when I'd
make a request from the browser it went through regular cgi.

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