Brian Donahue on 6 Feb 2006 22:52:10 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] A General Howdy, and RailsConf!


I just joined this group.  I've been doing web development (JS, Perl, ASP, J2EE, ASP.NET) since '97 or so, and currently do mostly ASP.NET at Refinery, in Hatboro, PA.   I've been reading up on and playing around with Rails on my own, and was excited to find this group.  Today I bit the bullet and registered for RailsConf, too!  How many people from this list are going?

I also was wondering... noticed a thread in the archives about a 20% discount at, but I couldn't get it to work on the beta book for Rails Recipes.  Should it work, or is that not included?

Looking forward to the meeting on the 21st.  See you then!

Brian Donahue

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