Erin Mulder on 16 Feb 2006 01:51:38 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Giveaways at Meeting Next Week (2/21/2006)

Adam C. Greenfield wrote:
> Just a reminder to everyone planning to attend the meeting on Tuesday,
> Feb. 21st, please make sure that you have RSVP'ed to Erin (per the
> note on
> I ordered 3 books to give away at the meeting, a copy of "The
> Pragmatic Programmer", a copy of "Agile Web Development with Rails",
> and a copy of "Programming Ruby". I believe at the last meeting Erin
> used the names of the people who RSVP'ed to raffle off the give away
> items.

I also have a Head First book to give away that O'Reilly sent us. :)

For meeting info and directions for next Tuesday's meeting, check out:

Thanks a ton to Eric and Adam for organizing this one and to Site5 for
sponsoring it!


PS. Know someone who could give a cool Ruby talk?  Interested in
speaking yourself?  Wondering what it takes to sponsor a meeting?  I
think we have a great speaker lined up for March, but we still need
April volunteers/referrals, and we need sponsors for both March and April!
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