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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Gripes about Rails

Those are pretty valid gripes.  The beauty of Rails, though, is that you have to make a couple assumptions about your webapp works.  There's no working around that.  The benefits you get are tremendous, though.  I have to give my M:N relations silly names like users_watches, but in reality, that's not a bad convention, and the gains you get from doing so are enormous.

As for setting up Lighttpd w/ rails, I followed the tutorial at the first time around, and it worked like a charm.

Just don't forget to change ENV['RAILS_ENV'] in your /config/environment.rb file, as fcgi won't know explecity which environment to start up.


On 2/16/06, < > wrote:
Here's someone griping about Rails, and I'd have to agree with him on
Gripes 3 and 5:

Does this mean I'd have to get the book?

I've been searching for specific documentation and examples on how to
configure Lighttpd with FastCGI and Rails.  No luck so far.  All the
documentation I've scrounged up is either in flux, incomplete, or
offline because someone moved to a different blogging system.  I'm
wondering whether I should just stick with Apache or mod_ruby or



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