Tony Buser on 17 Feb 2006 02:47:56 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] Greetings... and a job oportunity

Hi everybody, I just joined the list and wanted to introduce myself. 
Although I live in Reading it's great that there's a rails group so
close by.  Hopefully I'll find the time to goto one of the meetings. 
I've been using rails for about 7 months now and have developed two
rails sites.  The latest project I've been working on is  (the other project was a private intranet app)

I just wanted to let you all know that the company I work for,
Unconundrum ( excuse the horribly outdated
website) is looking to hire full time rails developers for a rather
large project we're about to undertake, rewriting a huge 10 year old
intranet system from php to rails.  We're a small company (4 people)
and I've been here for about 6 years now.  It's a great place and we
do lots of interesting projects.  ;)  I'm not sure if everyone here is
in Philly, but if you're in the Reading/Bechtelsville area and looking
for rails work, please send me your resume.  Oh and if you're familiar
with Asterisk, we might have a place for you too.
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