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RE: [PhillyOnRails] Signout sheet

Just wanted to make you all aware that our company, JackBe Corp. ( are Ajax experts and have found a way to deliver an enterprise Ajax solution with companies like CitiBank, Forbes, McKesson, and numerous others.   We have been ranked the 9th fastest-growing technology company in North America over the last 3 years, according to a Deloitte Touche ranking. 


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By the way, this has an interesting effect (same as a refresh meta tag, I suppose): sessions don't time out, if the refresh period is shorter than the session timeout period.  This can cause a problem if your security policy dictates session expiration after a few minutes.

On 5/5/06, Ron Lusk <> wrote:


Periodically calls the specified url (options[:url]) every options[:frequency] seconds (default is 10). Usually used to update a specified div (options[:update]) with the results of the remote call. The options for specifying the target with :url and defining callbacks is the same as link_to_remote.



On 5/5/06, Randy Schmidt <> wrote:

I am making a web-based signout sheet where the users can use live
search to filter the list of employees and and set away and come back
is all ajaxified. I was wondering how I would periodically update the
list of employees. For example, employee 1 has the page open on their
screen and employee2 signs out, I want the screen for employee 1 to
update like every second or so...I just couldn't think of how to do it

Randy Schmidt
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Ron Lusk

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