Erin Mulder on 5 Jul 2006 21:17:13 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] Meeting Tomorrow!

Hey Everybody,

I've received a record number of responses, and it looks like tomorrow
night's meeting is going to be great!  Of course, there's still time to
RSVP if you haven't -- just drop me an email.  (We have lots of "hot off
the presses" books to give away!)

The meeting starts at 7pm at the Fort Washington Holiday Inn.  Get maps
and directions at and feel free to email
me if you have specific questions.

REMINDER: The final part of the meeting is going to involve code, so if
you have a laptop, bring it along.  It's probably a good idea to
pre-install Ruby, Rails and a database.  I'll bring a few extra Linux
laptops to boost our supply, and anyone who still doesn't have one can
pair up, socialize or follow along on the big screen.  :)

See you tomorrow!

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