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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Re: Ruby/Rails job available


Thanks for spreading the Rails lovin'.

If you are looking for bright-eyed bushy-tailed labour on the cheap but only want to commit for 6 months, you might want to take a look at the Drexel Co-Op program. Viewed as "internships" most employers pay less than what you're offering for the better CS students.

Aaron Blohowiak

On Aug 4, 2006, at 3:13 PM, Evan wrote:

I posted a little bit more information about the position here:


On 8/4/06, Evan <eweaver@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm not trying to annoy the list members here, but it's local, so I
thought it would be relevant.

I am the tech lead for a "social network with a twist" start-up that
is just getting off the ground. We intend to seek VC funding in the
fall. The other two members of the team are in Silicon Valley and
handle the business strategy, user interaction testing, legal issues,
and things like that, and are very competent.

In the meantime, I need a Rails developer in the Wilmington, DE area
or greater Philadelphia to work with. We can pay $20-$25 per hour and
possibly equity, depending on your contribution. Hours would be very
flexible (I have a day job), and most of the work could be
telecommuting. You need to provide your own development environment.

Some experience with Rails is necessary but you don't have to have
deployed a full application yet, talent and experience are
interchangeable at this point.

I don't make it sound as exciting as it actually is, but I am going to
spare you the buzzwords :). The data model and design of the app is
solid; now we need to start rolling out the auxiliary features.

Reply to eweaver @ gmail.


Evan Weaver
University of Delaware
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