Randy Schmidt on 14 Aug 2006 22:03:57 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] OT: Network Shares + OS X

Hi all!

I have an issue with network shares and os x that has been driving me
crazy. I used windows almost exclusively until about a year ago and
now I have two linux boxes and a MacBookPro. I love being Windows
free, however one thing that has bugged me is how network shares work
in OS X. I miss how in Windows you would have network shares, and if
you weren't on the right network at the time, it would come back to
you quickly saying it can't connect to the share.

The network shares on my linux boxes are great too because I never
leave the network so there aren't any problems.

The problem I have with OS X is that the workgroups take forever to
show up when you are on a network and when you try to connect to the
shares, it takes a while before it is successful. I tried using
netinfo manager to set up shares that would dynamically mount, which
works the first time I boot up on a network, but don't reconnect when
I leave the network and come back. Actually, worse than not
reconnecting is locking up my machine while it tries to connect for
several minutes then not connecting (or I get impatient and restart
finder). Here are some of the resources I have tried:


Does anybody have any advice for what I could try differently? What
systems do others user with their macs? The shares work fine when I am
on the network for a long period of time or I never leave it. The
problem comes from leaving and coming back to the network and trying
to connect to shares.

The shares I am connecting to are on computers with a static ip
address and I use the ip address when connecting to them.

Randy Schmidt
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