Eric Snyder on 16 Nov 2006 13:24:17 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] Drexel Meeting

It looks like we can arrange a meeting at Drexel through someone at the college of Information Science and Technology (my old college). We don't have to arrange anything today, there's enough time for everyone to register their opinions and ideas but at some point we'll have to make the arrangements.

It's not fancy but I've created a DowntownSite page on the wiki ( where you can put your vote and other comments. I know many of you have already commented but it'll be much easier if we have this on one page, my apologies for not doing this sooner. Please add potential meeting sites only if you are certain that the site can be booked and that it meets our needs. If we follow the schedule that Erin proposed then we will have a December meeting in the Fort Washington area and should make a decision on the Center City / University City location by mid December so that we can arrange to have the January meeting at the new location.

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