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[PhillyOnRails] Re: Feb Meeting

Sorry the days that I have in mind are the 20th or the 27th, not the 19th or 26th. That being said there's no reason that we have to meet on a Tuesday.


On 1/10/07, Eric Snyder <> wrote:
We've talked enough about having a downtown meeting, it's time to do it. I am in the process of arranging meeting space at Drexel, the date has not yet been set but I'm thinking about the 19th or the 26th of February.  I'll put out a call for RSVPs when the date gets closer.

I've been working a bit with Django (, the Python counterpart to ROR.  I'm thinking of doing a presentation entitled 'Django As A Second Language'. It would be a comparison of Rails and Django from a practical and philosophical perspective. Would this be of interest to anyone? Any objections to going off the Ruby reservation?

Don't forget to send me your RSVP for this Thursday's meeting if you're planning to attend. Unfortunately I can't make it but I'll make sure that the names make it into the hat for any giveaways.  Also a reminder that Pub Nite is this Monday the 15th at Chaucer's Tabard Inn.


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