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[PhillyOnRails] Memory leaks in my site

My company site is a rails app. Lots of pages are pretty plain, but I do run
a custom blog, some basic contact forms, and some automated content stuff.


Anyways, over the last few weeks I've watched as the 2 mongrel processes
that power the site grow in memory footprint to the point where they'll
chock my server and everything will die.

It's strange cause I haven't done any real architectural changes and
activity is not at it's peak. (Oct 2006 was clearly by busiest month) so I'm
really sure why this is happening.

I've started playing around with this memory profiler but haven't noticed
what might be leaking just yet:


I also hope to be more aggressive with caching to avoid hitting the rails
stack at all. (though I'm running into another issues where I can't get
Apache to serve the cached rss feed with a application/xml mime type, which
some readers will barf on).

Overall, has anyone else run into memory leaking before and how did you work
to find/fix it?

FYI, the stack I use is pretty much the default one I get with Rails


Thanks for you help/suggestions.

~ Mike
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