Mark Chadwick on 29 Jan 2007 22:50:27 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Radiant CMS


I run a suite of tools with Radiant as a base.  I think the key is to use plugins (real Rails plugins, not Radiant plugins).  I have it set up where a client comes to me asking for something like a main CMS Site, a Store, and a Photo Gallery.  I've written separate Store and Photo Gallery plugins, so I just edit my svn:externals, and migrate.  It works really well, and keeps your code very separate.  Most of the binding to Radiant is done through behaviors.

It does, however, tie your code pretty tightly to Radiant.  If that's where you're headed though -- no reason not too.


On 1/29/07, Jonathan Van Schoick <> wrote:
Hey guys,

Is anyone using Radiant CMS? I've installed it and I'm playing around with it, and it seems like a good choice for a project I'm working on.

Looking at it, though, I'm wondering about the best way to build around it. For example, I have a basic contact form and some basic shopping cart functionality set up. It's going to expand into a full blown member section of a site. So should I try to keep the Radiant section completely separate from the other app? My fear is that if I entangle all my work into the Radiant rails app, it's going to get messy and have conflicts.

Any thoughts on working with Radiant or if you've run into a similar type of situations? Any ideas are appreciated!


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