Mark Chadwick on 12 Feb 2007 14:29:57 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] acts_as_restorable?

Hey Mat,

Yeah, it pretty much does as you've described.  Sorry for the shoddy documentation, I had promised the source to a couple people, and just wanted to get it out.  The general idea is that it's a cleaner alternative to the acts_as_paranoid pattern that crops up so much -- ie: People are afraid to delete data from their DB, so they code ugly flags and hacks all over their code.  I use this acts_as_restorable plugin like this:

In my database.yml file, I have an extra "backup" setting (just like "test," "development," and "production") that hooks up to a DB with only one table.  Then, I have a model like:

class RestorableModel < ActiveReocrd::Base
  establish_connection  :backup

So, the long and the short is, you throw acts_as_restorable in a model, and before it gets deleted, it serializes it and it's dependents into the RestoreableModel.  The code is there to move it back as well.

I use this by tying a user id to the RestorableModels as well, so I can make sure people can only see/restore what they've nuked.  It works pretty well...and it gets all the crap out of your DB.

I suppose, my warning if you're going to use it: It's not 100% tested, and it does some magic with primary keys.  I know Postgres can handle said magic, and it looks like sqlite does too, but that's as far as I can say.


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