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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Thanks! And topic idea.

On 2/28/07, Flinn Mueller <> wrote:
I'm facing an issue now where I have an application that does something
very basic, but the wording changes from industry to industry, for
example in retail they might call goods 'products,' in warehousing
they might call goods 'stock,' and in servicing they might call good

Man.  I fell your pain, there.  I also wrote a plugin a while back to handle client-specific terms like that, but it only really meshes well with the in-house i18n/l10n suite that had to be chocked up.  The idea was you could tack terms on to, say, your client model:

client.part_word = 'thingy'

Then, when you i18n came back with a translation, it would parse brackets in the translation, so:

English: There are %d {parts} in stock
French: El est %d {parts} en..uhh..stock

There's a lot of hacking with the Rails pluralization stuff to make it all work.  Both these plugins are pretty small, so I could try to release and present on both.  I can also send you over the source for this client-specific language stuff now if that's about what you need.


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