Walter Lee Davis on 10 Mar 2007 14:23:40 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] Need help connecting to WEBDAV

I am trying to use the new Bingo service from TextDrive to serve as a gigantic repository of files, with a secured Web front-end hosted on a regular TextDrive account. My front-end is written in PHP, and I spent quite a while yesterday fiddling with three or four PHP classes that would appear from their description to be capable of acting like a proxy between WEBDAV and an HTTP server.

None of them are able to connect to Bingo directly. The error messages are not very clear. Since I have no trouble using either a Web browser or the Mac Finder to connect to Bingo, I can't for the life of me imagine what the problem might be.

I am casting my net wider, hoping for a simple solution before I tell the client that he will have to spend way more for disk every month than this hybrid solution would have cost him.

Does anyone have any great ideas for this? At this point, I will take Ruby, Python, maybe even Perl -- just please dear g*d not Java!

Simple use-case:

Authenticated visitor browses through a web page, which shows a listing of available files (drawn from a database). This looks like a Finder or Windows Explorer window, and allows navigation into and out of directories. (This part is done, and working.)

* If the visitor wants a single file, he just clicks on its name, and the file downloads through the browser.

* If the visitor wants more than one file, she can add them to a "cart", then press a download control and receive a Zip archive containing all the selected files at the end.

(This part is also done, and works fine, as long as the files are to be found locally on the Web server.)

Here's where I'm really stuck:

When a request is made for a file from the Web front-end, I need to map that file request to the WEBDAV repository, silently replacing a local file request with an authenticated WEBDAV GET. My application can deal with the rest of the job -- it's just this little bit, which looks like it should be so easy, and is stubbornly NOT.

Thanks in advance,


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