Eric Snyder on 14 Mar 2007 14:05:31 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] April Meeting Announcement

A second speaker has not yet been secured for the next meeting,
however it's getting late enough in March that a date must be
announced. The date will be Tuesday April 3rd. The place will be the
Fort Washington Hotel and Conference Center (formerly the Holiday
Inn). We will begin at 7:00PM.

Here is the address of the hotel, note that it is a short walk from
the Fort Washington regional rail station (R5).

Fort Washington Hotel & Conference Center
432 West Pennsylvania Avenue
Fort Washington, PA 19034

I will be presenting 'Django As A Second Language', an introduction to
the Python web framework Django, and a comparison of that framework to
Rails. We are still seeking a second speaker. Please send me email if
you are interested in speaking.

If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring the
meeting let me know and I'll send you the details.

Please RSVP.

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