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Re: [PhillyOnRails] April POR Meeting - Please RSVP

On 3/21/07 3:14 PM, "Randy Schmidt" <x@altorg.com> wrote:

> Sorry if this is a little off topic, but has anybody completed an app
> using REST? 

Hardly OT. 

I've picked up the latest Rails REST stuff (watching Geoffrey's screencast +
other articles, etc.) and am using it pretty heavily in my current app under

For me it's working very well. We have about 20 types of objects and by
following the CRUD design pattern (even modeling the rich relationships as
assignments) we've been able to DRY up our index, new and edit pages plus
many other partials so each object and rich relationship has a very similar
CRUD view they can be accessed through. This isn't to say we force this CRUD
view to the user. We also offer lots of inline assignment creation (via
AJAX) on the show pages for the major objects in the system, but even this
utilizes the standard CRUD controllers rest rails give you; we just
format.js options to handle it (slightly) differently.

Over time we'll be doing a web service for this so hopefully the CRUD
approach makes it easier.

In all, I'm happy I got to catch up on REST and find it is such a nice fit
for this app. I can see how it's not appropriate for all sites. I know a
friend who did the RESTful design for the admin side of one site, but for
the user side did it with standard controllers. (Even I do some of this --
showing a Dashboard, etc.).

I'm pretty sure we are open sourcing this code when we are done "phase 1" so
hopefully I can share at that point. Until then the details are under NDA
~ Mike
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