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[PhillyOnRails] PhillyOnRails Next Meeting - Tue. 6/5

Next month Evan Weaver and Andrea Wright will be reprising their RailsConf talks. We're back in beautiful swampy Fort Washington.

Meeting Date: Tue. 6/5/2007
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Place: Fort Washington Hotel And Conference Center, Fort Washington, PA
Sponsor: TBD


1) Going Off Grid: Rails As Platform - Evan Weaver

Rails is structured as a set of interlocking libraries and plugins. You know how to use all of Rails to create a web app. But how familiar are you with decoupling Rails and taking advantage of it for your other projects? In this talk we'll leave the beaten path of Web 2.0 and look at using Rails components in other domains.

2) A Code Walk Through Of The Source Behind respond_to - Andrea Wright

This talk will be a detailed code walk-through of the source behind MimeResponds::InstanceMethods::respond_to. Though it was introduced in Rails 1.1, early last spring, it has more visibility now that it appears in generated scaffolding. We'll talk about how adding :format to the default routes for a request facilitates graceful degradation and makes it easier to support REST.
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