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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Linux Subversion Client

You sound so shocked ;)

I, for one, use Ubuntu exclusively (well, technically Kubuntu i.e. the KDE flavor). There is a basic KDE svn viewer called 'kdesvn' (simply enough). I haven't used it much though. There is another app called 'rapidsvn', but again, haven't touched it.
I only use subversion for rails development and I've found Aptana/Radrails to work suitably. It has a subversion browser that allows easy check in/out of projects. Although I should also mention I'm just a one man team, just syncing up between home/office development copies, so I've never had conflict/merge issues. Maybe your/your designer's needs are more complex.
But it can't hurt to fire up whatever package manager comes with the designer's Linux distro and just search the repositories for 'svn' or 'subversion'. My windows knowledge has atrophied over the past year. But you might give a try.

Don't fear the penguin,

On 5/31/07, Randy Schmidt <> wrote:

I'm working with a designer on a project, and get this, he is learning
to use Subversion! And here is another whopper, he uses linux and
windows, not os x!!

Since he is learning to use subversion, and I think it will be easier
for him if he has a client installed to manipulate the files, does
anybody know of a really good linux client for subversion? He needs to
be able to easily resolve conflicts and such.

Randy Schmidt
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