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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Fwd: Objective-C title from established author...

Without question or complaint, the Berkeley
enhancements to
the UNIX OS were hugely significant, so "long live
FreeBSD", indeed.

It's also true that most of us would rather type with
one hand than
give up using UNIX and associated enhancements, so up
with LINUX and Mac OS-X.

After 20 years, the only editor I still use is Bill
Joy's "vi", (a Berkeley enhancement) and I will
never change editors. Just as many folks out there say
the same about EMACS, another UNIX fav.

However, I routinely change my MS-Windows variant
every two or three

What does this tell us about the lasting value of the
code that has been written in UNIX and associated
enhancements in terms of its value to professional
developers? It's standing the test of time.

Aaron, you also might want to tell EBay and Bank of
America (jsp for
online banking nationwide) that Java is dead.  I
suppose its only a matter of time until somebody
rewrites EBay's site in a Ruby or RoR derivative, and
the same for the Java Server Pages on many web sites.

Time will tell:-)

--- Aaron Blohowiak <> wrote:

> > From what I can tell (from the version number)
> RubyCocoa is still  
> > in the very early stages. v0.11.1 I believe...
> Since Apple seems to  
> > be dropping support for the Cocoa Java bridge, I'm
> interested to  
> > see what will develop with other dynamic OO
> scripting languages.
> Clearly this is an indication that, like FORTRAN and
> qBASIC, Java is  
> dead.
> Long live FreeBSD!
> -Aaron
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