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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Meeting Recap

I think I'm more partial to attending an hour earlier session at 6pm then a really long session.  But I'm concerned that we might not be able to cover that much material in an hour.  What about dividing up the current meeting into two parts and the first part devoted to beginner stuff and the second half to advanced topics.

On 6/6/07, Erin Mulder <meara@alumni.princeton.edu> wrote:
Many thanks to Andrea and Evan for their talks last night and to
everyone who attended!  It was great to see so many new faces (8-10
folks who were attending their first meeting).

I put a flipchart at the back of the room for people to jot down topic
ideas, cool discoveries, etc.  Here's what showed up:

"Cool stuff I've been playing around with lately"
* Scala
* Erlang
* AppleTV
* iPhone
* rspec
* Hadoop

"Topics I'd like to see at Philly on Rails"
* Deployment options
* Rake
* Capistrano
* Rubinius
* Routes and extending routes
* rspec
* Email in/out of Ruby
* Slingshot/Joyent Connector
* Google Gears
* Test-driven development

Colin Bartlett volunteered to talk about rspec, Allen Fair is going to
step up to the plate and give an Email In/Out of Ruby talk, and I'm
already slotted to do a talk next month on Deployment Options.  If any
of you are up for speaking on other topics on this list (or have other
ideas), please email organizers@phillyonrails.org and let us know!

There was also some discussion at the meeting and afterwards about
adding in more beginner level talks for those who are completely new to
Ruby and Rails.

It would be great if new folks could respond (to me or the list) with
their thoughts on:

* Attending 6pm sessions (before the main meeting) on basic Ruby/Rails
   topics (e.g. Ruby 101, Rails 101, ActiveRecord, Migrations, RubyGems)

* Attending a long tutorial session on a different night or weekend

It would also be great if experienced folks could let me know whether
they'd still attend if we devoted the 7pm slot at our regular meetings
to beginner content.

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