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[PhillyOnRails] Anybody tried installing the Rails plug-in(s) for Eclipse 3.x IDE?

June 22, '07

Downloaded Eclipse IDE (version 3.2) from, and it looks like it will be fine on
Suse Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell (Another LINUX distro that nobody at managed to test:-).

Has anybody tried the RoR plug-in(s) for Eclipse 3.x ? 

If you google "Rails in Eclipse", you'll find somebody's blog on this subject.

I'd like to try using some DB2 UDB connectors from Eclipse, and perhaps call them from
Rails or Ruby or RoR code with something like an RMI call. (More under-the-hood "loss of Ruby
purity" with API fumbling about:-)

Some developers believe that Big Blue still has the best optimizer for SQL in the marketplace (heavens,more marketing controversy;-) , and they've folded some
of this SQL optimizer logic into the UDB - DB2 product for LINUX.

-GWN in KC.
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