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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Somewhat OT, Statistics

Ahh, stats ... A topic I deal with often but not often enough to really learn it down pat.

You can get a pretty basic understanding of stats from wikipedia and the public library. If you need to buy a book, then buy a used one, as the basics that programmers need is not cutting edge science, anything from the 1970s on will do.

Ruby has a great library RSRuby for the hooking into the  R stats package (based on Rpy  for python I think)  You can call any R function in a ruby script. See here:

You need to have R installed either through macports/fink or the OS X GUI.

The project has a decent manual (for an OS project) with examples. This does not cover R itself and actually assumes you know what you are doing with R.

Since R and Ruby are such different languages, I tend to write my R routines in R, then call those finished product from ruby. For instance I parse a XML file and get arrays of floats out of the file in Ruby, but then switch to R routines for processing and plotting.

I am by no means doing fancy stats with it, but it is useful and can give a talk at the PoR group meetings if there is enough interest.


On 7/22/07, Randy Schmidt < > wrote:
Ok, I've heard Toby talk about statistics for two whole Philly
Pubnites and then this article pops up:

I'm thinking I should brush up on statistics since there are now two
people whom I watch and listen to when it comes to tech are talking
about statistics.

Toby et al: any suggestions on references for "normal" statistics
and/or whatever it is you talked about at the pubnite?

Randy Schmidt
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