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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Ruby-Presenters and Non-ruby presenters?

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On Sep 18, 2007, at 11:59 AM, Colin A. Bartlett wrote:
Randy Schmidt wrote:
I wanted to try to emphasize things that would hit
home with PHP if anybody has ideas, I'm all ears.
RJS / other AJAX coolness

+1 on the migrations. They blew my PHP-programmer mind.

It's not a framework thing, but one item I often bring up when making the PHP/Ruby comparison is handling of static (or class) methods. PHP makes it basically impossible to implement an interface as seamless ActiveRecord. I expect this would be a hard topic to broach in a presentation, but consider it if you're hanging out after and someone tries to tell you rails could be written in PHP.



class Papa
    "I'm a " + self.to_s

class Kiddo < Papa
end  # => I'm a Kiddo


class Papa {
    public static function foo() {
        return "I'm a " . get_class();

class Kiddo extends Papa {

Kiddo::foo();  # => I'm a Papa
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